Mal Booby: Sculpting the Abstract and Provocative

Meet Mal Booby, an abstract conceptual sculptor renowned for his unique creations fashioned primarily from native timbers and reclaimed metal. His art consistently delivers confrontational and thought-provoking experiences. Booby’s creative process is an odyssey of surreal visions, abstract ideas, and evoked emotions. He describes it as follows: “It all begins with a conceived concept that metamorphoses into an emotional three-dimensional vision, with the materials serving as the ultimate wellspring of inspiration.” Booby approaches sculpting holistically, ensuring that each sculpture possesses meaning when viewed from any angle, and that the narrative seamlessly integrates with the piece.

What distinguishes his work is its originality and singularity; each piece stands as a testament to his artistic vision. Booby draws profound inspiration from the artistic legacies of Salvador Dali and Patrick Woodroffe, a influence clearly discernible in his “Dali Life Cycle” section of the sculpture garden, as well as in the “Conflict of the Birth” and “Transformation” sculptures.


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